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My services include :


I build objects of any shapes and dimensions, from oversized to miniature for your photoshoot, advertising or film.
I mostly use cardboard, paper and papier-maché but also fabric, wood, foam, paint and other materials. I love to use paper and his derivates for my creations because it’s inexpensive, easily accessible and allows to quickly obtain a smooth and clean finish.

Art Direction

I develop the perfect visual concept and style for your project, working on shapes, colour palettes and composi
tion to achieve the best look for your product (that it’s an image, a packaging, visual identity, display, etc.)

Paper Art

I create artworks made of paper, cardboard and papier-maché for a unique cartoon-like
colourful and joyful look!
Paper sculptures (3D) and cut-outs illustrations (2D), I invent all you need to create fantastic products, images and/or the decor of your photoshoot, film or set.


I design decorative elements, sculptures, prints and packagings.
For every object I create a prototype and then deliver what is needed for the production phase.



I decorate interior and exterior for shops, display windows, coffee shops and galleries. I find the best solutions to create beautiful and unique spaces and surfaces.

in studio in 2019 with Gabija Razanskaite

I do myself the post-production on the photos that I take.
In case I work with an other photographer, I’m present on set and make the follow up with the post-production team to assure the quality of the final work.

On top of all those services, I can also accompany you on your own creations, and bring you my skills and knowledges. I’ve been assisting other artists, for up to two years!

Let’s collaborate !

Simon Fujiwara - exhibition "Who" 2022