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ART direction

– concept creation ;
– moodboards ;
– explanatory drawings to clearly communicate an idea (manual or vector drawings, 3D modelling, physical models, photomontage);
– managing a team (graphic designers, photographers, photo models, stylists, assistants) and communicating clearly with colleagues and other collaborators;
– following the project through to the final stage.

I’m happy to work on any type of project : 
images, products look, packagings, visual identities, displays, décor, props, costumes, … everything that needs an artistic direction!

Design  and prototyping

I design with things that can be send to production ; useful objects, decorative elements, prints and packagings.

I create explanatory files, prototypes and the files you need to start your production phase.



– meeting suppliers, researching and selecting materials, etc. ;
– physical construction of elements or decor ;
– creation and preparation of digital files (vectorisation of designs, laser cutting, stencils, colour separation for screen printing, etc.) ;
– on-site installation in showrooms, shop windows, boutiques, photo/video sets ;
– making-of photography (and image retouching).


I build objects of any shapes and dimensions, from oversized to miniature for your photoshoot, advertising, film, etc.
I mostly use cardboard, paper and papier-maché but also fabric, wood, plexiglass, paint and other materials.
If I love to use paper and his derivates it’s because it’s easily accessible and allows to quickly obtain a smooth and clean finish.


Paper art

I create artworks made of paper for a unique cartoon-like look!
Cut-outs illustrations (2D) or paper sculptures (3D) brought with colourful and fine details!


I create, based on your visual identity, a scenography for an event or a space, this service includes :
 room layout ;
– mood / atmosphere advice ;
– highlighting existing objects in the space.

On top of all those services, I can accompany you on your own creations and projects, to bring you my skills and knowledge. I’ve been assisting other artists all along my career, including Simon Fujiwara for the last 3 years!

Let’s collaborate !