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Hi! I’m Victoria Bee : artist to the core and fearless freelancer.

I was born and grew up in Belgium (French speaking-part). After my studies in Graphic Design and Photography in Namur I started travelling, seeking for new life experiences.

I first moved in 2011 to Montreal (Quebec, Canada) where I worked as an Art Director at the Advertisement Agency Brad, called now Ogilvy.

Job opportunities made me move then in 2013 in Paris and later the same year to establish myself in London where I could really florish. I assisted set-designers on music videos and advertisement and I worked as Art Director and executive Assistant in a stop-frame animation studio, deepening my knowledges in all aspects of image production : from the conceptualisation, creation of sets and props, composition, to the final post-production.

In January 2015 I moved in Berlin (Germany) where I had a creative studio and worked as a freelancer on various projects.

Since January 2024 I live in Brussels where I’m re-setting my creative mind, and still work on inspiring projects and support the success of others. Long live the Creation!


I find inspiration in the simple things of everyday life and shared moments with my loved ones.

I like wrapped candy packagings, filled toolboxes and beautiful window views.
I express my sensitivity with vibrant colour combinations and a joyful touch.

Portrait 2021 by John Londoño

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For Agencies who wants to work with me as a craft-maker and art director,
I’m represented in France and Canada
by the artists agency
Colagene Paris