Hi! I’m Victoria Bee : artist to the core and fearless freelancer.

I find beauty everywhere,
but I find my inspiration mostly in everyday life objects and moments shared with loved ones.
Big attractions for me are a beautiful wrapped candy, the Sistine Chapel, a summer in Greece and a bunch of cookies. Vibrant.

Portrait 2021 by John Londoño

After I graduated in Graphic Design and Photography in Belgium, I started travelling,
seeking for new life experiences and understand who I am.
I worked as an art director for Advertising in Montreal, then worked as a freelancer in Paris and London until I settled down in Berlin where I opened my own studio in 2015. Over the years I developed my own visual language and now know what brings me joy and how to balance work – life. 

 Candid photography :
Aside from that, I love making portraits of my friends. It’s a mix of passion and fear of good times that pass and do not come back. The beauty of a unique moment, in a unique life.
I guess I couldn’t take a good portrait of anyone I do not truly love, as I wouldn’t know how to portrait them. I photographed my friends how I see them : lively, fascinating and graceful. As I’m less good with words, I guess this is one way I found to tell them that I love them ; at that precise moment, together, forever frozen in time.
I hope to make in 10 years a party-exhibition where I re-share those instants with them!
Auto-portait - con Gaia e Undi - 2021
Giulio - Pandemic struggle - 2021
Liam in his studio Berlin - 2020
Silvio - Casa romana - 2021
Giulio - Roccavivi on his birthday - 2021