Interior PH magazine

Jordan, Spring Edition 2020


3 double pages, text by Sara Arar.


From Belgium to France and Montreal, off to London, and currently settling temporarily in Berlin, Victoria Bee takes us with her on an art journey through exquisite prop design.


Bee is not your usual designer she is a prop-maker that uses only paper and cardboard to achieve her impeccable hyper-realistic prop designs. She started as an Art Director in an advertising agency in Montreal and later took a job as a prop maker in London, for she finds her passion in art. Later, she moved on to be a freelancer and combined all her artistic skills as a photographer, sculptor, paper crafter, art director, set designer and prop-maker. At the moment, Victoria resides in Berlin for all the benefits it offers, and the powerful art scene that helped her grow in her field.


Victoria's designs are cheerful and dreamy, she avoids dark or gloomy designs as she prefers to spread joy through art. She translated a page on her website to Japanese for potential Japanese clients, Bee believes her work as a lot of potential there where colors and exaggerated art are highly appreciated.

There is a risk in being a freelancer and it is usually hard to maintain balance in that path, but the flexibility it offers and the freedom of choice in the career path are worth it, according to Victoria. Her background in advertising assisted her with her current job because she has to advertise her own work, she earned a great deal of communication skills as well.


After a certain project, the artist tries to recycle as many props and paper as possible to keep the environment clean, at times clients keep their props as part of the deal. This day, Bee shares an office in Berlin with around 50 design experts of different backgrounds from fashion and shoe-making to web design, each one shares their expertise with the rest. She sees herself traveling and settling again somewhere else but for now she is enjoying her journey!


Interior PH magazine

Jordan, Spring Edition 2020





Art direction and Still-life photography

for the shopping center le Carrousel du Louvre

inside the world-famous Parisian museum,

the Louvre.



photography made with Philipp Bögle

and assistant Gabija Razanskaite

Text and interview by Gary Evans ( Thank you ! )


for Computer Arts Magazine, issue #288

February 2019

Working Woman magazine 2018

Introduction - Mein Tisch


" Der Arbeitsplatz verrät viel über seinen Besitzer.

Illustratorin Victoria Bee sammelt dort alles, was sie für ihre Papierkunst inspiriert - von Blume bis Lippenstift. "

GoDaddy - online platform visit the studio :

photos by Anthony Georgis

Workshop "Future City"

15 and 16.06. 2017 at the Waterkant Festival in Kiel, Germany


Create your Vision.

Tomorrow we will live in it.


All things are ideas first –

only later they become a building, a place.

And many ideas together form a city.

If we like it, we will stay

and call it home.


What´s missing today?

Look into your future,

which place do you see?






On the 20.01.2017

at the art academy Burg Giebichenstein

in Halle, Germany

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« Where there is love, there is life. »