Une petite gâterie pour vous

« Une petite gâterie pour vous » can be easily translate from the french by « A little treat for you ».

Originally, this sentence is composed of beautiful words of the French language, and means to please someone by offering him a delicacy. With the time, the term has evolved from gourmet delight to sexual pleasure.

Now when you say it people immediately think about the second meaning, and so it's why I was thinking it could be funny.


I wanted to create something unexpected, more inspired. I love to play with words and I'm a gluttony person, it was the perfect opportunity.

I wanted something appetizing and colorful, so I went back in my childhood memories and remember all the goods that made me crazy at the time : chocolate, candy cane, pralines and even the famous black biscuit filled with cream.


For the framework I chose the traditional doily paper which made me think about my beloved belgian country and delicious pastry shops.


Who want a piece of it ?

Year : 2014

Materials : paper, cardboard



Client : personal


Making of pictures

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