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Victoria Bee

Urbanstrasse 71

10967 Berlin


instagram : victoriabeehive

facebook : victoria_works




Victoria Bee is specialized on window display, stop-motion props and crafted illustration.


Her services for visual productions include :

conception, realization, photography ( if necessary ) and post-production.


« Over the last years I developed my own visual language which includes manual crafting.

My clients order objects or whole scenes to illustrate their topics. These composition are often build in paper and similar materials to be then photographed in a studio. These pictures I produce can be described as three-dimensional illustration. Within this process I offer full service from conception to post-production. »




Background ;


After graduating in Graphic design and photography from « la Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard » in Belgium, Victoria lived in several countries ( Canada, France, Great Britain ) before setting up her own studio in Berlin, Germany.





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