After 5 years of Graphic Design studies and everything that this includes (illustration, packaging, typography, photography, layout), a successful internship at Dogstudio, a multidisciplinary award-winning creative studio in Belgium, and a diploma with honors, I started to travel and search for what my future career will be.


I quickly found a position in Montreal, Canada as a Junior Art Director in the advertising agency Brad Inc. There I worked primarily with clients such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Lego.


Following my desire for more hands-on projects, I left Brad Inc. and looked for new opportunities. I spent half a year in Paris working as Assistant Head Decorator for the production company Solab and other private decorators, where I gained new experience in decoration and set design.


At the end of 2013, I moved to London to work for the creative office Nearly Normal and fulfilled the role of Art Director and Executive Assistant within a team of international designers and illustrators. This studio focused on paper props for stop-frame animation video and paper still-life photography.


In 2015, I started my own creative studio in Berlin, Germany where I worked as a freelance artist, sharing space with fashion designers and illustrators. Over the years I established my own visual style.


2020 : I am currently working on several exciting projects related to product design and illustration.

I'm planning to move to Brussels and look currently for new opportunities to work within a team of creatives.


Member of the Professional Jury for the international 3x3 illustration competition

in New York.


Independent Art Director and Props-Maker who create decorative objects

for photoshoots and advertising videos.

Work including: concept and presentations to the clients, creation of the elements,

photography, post-production, image editing.

Work in collaboration with artists' agents Colagene Paris, Colagene Montréal,

and 2Agenten Berlin.


Professional image retoucher for ETPTT Berlin.


Paper engineer and Executive assistant at Nearly Normal in London.


Assistant Head Designer in Paris, freelancer work.


Junior Art Director at Brad.Inc in Montreal.


Graphic designer and Artist for the KIKK Festival in Namur.




Internship at Dogstudio in Namur, under the supervision of Gilles Bazelaire.


Graduated after 3 years of Graphic Design studies specialization Pre-press

Albert Jacquard School of Computer Graphics, Namur (BE)

Received with "great distinction".


Graduate after 2 years, CESS Graphic Design

Collège Saint-Étienne, Court-Saint-Étienne (BE).


+ multiple student jobs to support myself from 2006 to 2011.

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Gilles Bazelaire (BE)

Co-founder of Dogstudio, Superbe, KIKK Festival and TRAKK.

"Victoria is a very creative and passionate person about her profession. She already has all the experience and the will required to work in an agency. To hire without any hesitation."


Julien Stout (FR)

Responsable des Masters 1 et 2 du Studio Montréal de l'École de Design de Nantes

"Depuis que j'ai rencontré Victoria à Montréal en 2012, j'ai pu constater et voir se développer au fil des ans toute l'ampleur de ses qualités humaines et professionnelles.

Parce qu'elle est chaleureuse, dynamique et à l'écoute des autres, je sais que Victoria dispose des qualités nécessaires pour contribuer à mettre en place des relations interpersonnelles harmonieuses au sein d'un groupe, tout en y apportant sa signature si attachante.

D'un point de vue professionnel, j'ai pu témoigner, à Montréal et à Berlin, du soin et de la créativité avec lesquels Victoria a mené à bien ses projets qui ont été diffusés et reconnus par des institutions montréalaises et allemandes prestigieuses (Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal, Der Spiegel, etc.)."


Pascal Gagnon (CA)

Directeur Artistique Senior chez Sid Lee

"Victoria est une jeune femme de grand talent, nous avons eu le plaisir de l'avoir parmis nous pendant un an et elle nous a aidé sur de nombreux projets ainsi que réalisé de très beaux projets d'illustrations."


Stephanie Heendrickxen (CA)

Graphiste et illustratrice indépendante

"Chez Brad, Victoria a su exploiter sa créativité et son ingéniosité pour développer des pièces imprimées et TV, notamment pour le Musée des Beaux-Arts, qui lui ont permis de se tailler une place en peu de temps. Grâce à ses talents d'illustratrice et son souci du détail, elle est capable d'élaborer des visuels résolument riches et uniques. Je la recommande vivement à tous ceux en quête d'une jeune âme créative !"


Martin Ueberschaer (DE)

Co-fondateur du bureau de retouches d'images ETPTT Group

"For the last two years, Victoria worked regularly within our retouching-team. She is sharp and focus, and has excellent Photoshop skills : integration, surface replacements, lighting, coloration, etc. She perfect with the deadlines, and is a friendly person to have around. I can only recommend her to whom think hiring her! Good luck for the future Victoria."


Meg Gaffarelli (UK)

Strategic Visual Designer

"I suggested Victoria to Nearly Normal because I knew her work thanks to a common contact. Then she started collaborating with us and we worked together for seven months. She creates really stunning paper craft, she has a great sense of composition and visual beauty. Vic is a really creative young illustrator and art director: her skills with paper are impressive and she is fluent with 3D softwares as well. Hard worker and positively opinionated, she is not afraid of going the extra mile to deliver brilliant job. I miss working with her, but I know we will find a way to collaborate in the future!"


Riccardo Giraldi (US)

Creative Director Senior at Microsoft Seattle

"Victoria is an extremely talented and motivated designer. It's hard not to fall in love with her work. Her paper creations are breathtaking. Her attention to details and the quality of her work are excellent. She is also a super fun person to work with. Highly recommended."


Laurence Heyworth (UK)

Managing Director at "Look and Learn picture library"

"A super creative with a track record of making the ordinary extraordinary. A fountain of startling ideas. Technically brilliant across multiple disciplines, in particular 3D. Very commercial. Always charming."

Patient and passionate about my work, I try to feel good in any situation and thus keep

an excellent working atmosphere with my colleagues.


I love working in collaboration with other creatives, but with my 7 years of freelance work I

also learned to manage projects alone from beginning to final post-production

and shipments to the client.


Hyper creative and very manual, I present my ideas as sketchs along with inspirational photos, moodboards etc. but without ever being too inspired by other creators or other campaigns,

but rather find inspiration in mundane life and everyday situations.

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Google Slides




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